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Keynote Addresses

Buddha Meets the Neuroscientist: Implications for Restoration of Self After Traumatic Brain Injury
Dr. Thomas Kay, Neuropsychologist in private practice, New York

Conceptualizing Intervention for Behavioural Dyscontrol after Acquired Brain Injury
Dr. Robert L. Karol, President, Karol Neuropsychological Services & Consulting

The Distinction Between Conscious versus Unconscious Cognitive Processing: Implications for Acquired Brain Injuries
Dr. Steve Joordens, Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough

From Both Sides: What I Learned from my Rehabilitation from Head Injury and Use Today as an Effective Clinician 
Greg Noack, Brain Injury Survivor/Author/Rehabilitation Therapist, Acquired Brain Injury Service, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Concurrent Sessions

Behaviour Management: Partnering To Bridge The Continuum
Nancy Boaro, Toronto Rehab (Toronto)  
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Tracking Movement of Clients with An ABI Through The System From Acute Into The Community: What Does It Tell Us And What Else Might We Need To Know?
Angela Colantonio, Toronto Rehab / University of Toronto (Toronto)
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“Never Give Up”: A Teenager's Journey To Recover From Traumatic Brain Injury
A.J. Fordham, Consumer Representative (Rodney)
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The Next Two Decades: A Framework For Culturally Competent Rehabilitation Practice
Caron Gan, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Toronto)
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Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment For Sleep Disturbance In Clients With Brain Injury
Sarah Vernon-Scott, Brainworks (London)
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Financial Cost Recovery Strategies For Families Impacted By Acquired Brain Injury (ABI): Identifying Accessible Financial Supports For ABI Affected Families
Anthony Hutchinson, BNRC/Sheridan College of Technology and Advanced Learning (Brampton)
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Helping Hand A Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Group
Janet Woodhouse, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Toronto)
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Positive Outcomes Following Long-Term Rehabilitation For Individuals With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Denise Lawson, Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (Calgary)
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Working Memory Training For Patients With Acquired Brain Injury: Effects In Daily Life
Berit Johansson, Hjärnskadecenter – Brain Injury Center (Stockholm)
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Families After Brain Injury: Psycho-Educational and Support Group Intervention
Clare Brandys, Community Head Injury Resource Services (Toronto)
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Sexuality, Safety & Smarts: Creative Sexuality Education Strategies For Youth With ABI
Douglas Schmidt, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Toronto)
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Canine Potential Unleashed: An Old Dog Teaches New Tricks
Rebecca Swift-Weir, Brain Injury Services Muskoka Simcoe (Barrie)
Presentation | Abstract

Clinical Guidelines For The Care Of Persisting Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Shawn Marshall, The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (Ottawa)
Presentation | Abstract

School Reintegration For Children And Youth With Acquired Brain Injury
Dawn Good, Brock University (St. Catharines)
Presentation Not Available | Abstract

The Effectiveness Of Self-Awareness Group Therapy Program For Adults With Long-Term Brain Injuries
Bruce Linder, Brain Injury Services (Hamilton)
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Telephone Follow Up: Supporting Transitions Of Patients With Stroke And Acquired Brain Injury
Iona Yim, Toronto Rehab (Toronto)
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Life, Function and Future: What to Expect from the Recovering Brain Injured Patient
Abe Snaiderman, Director, Neuropsychiatry Clinic, Neurorehabilitation Program, Toronto Rehab/ Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine (PMR) University of Toronto
Presentation Not Available

ABI in the Classroom: Structuring Learning for Student Success
Erin M. Picard, Head Psychologist, Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board
Diane Tope-Ryan, Program Specialist A.B.A., Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

Can I Return to Work?
Mary Stergiou-Kita, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science, University of Toronto
Presentation | Handout #1 | Handout #2

Sleep and Wake Disorders After Brain Injury: A Practical Workshop for Clinicians
Catherine Wiseman-Hakes, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science, University of Toronto / Neuro-Rehab Services, Toronto Rehab
Chanth Seyone, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto / Director, ABI Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital, UHN

Chronic Pain - Living with the "Catastrophe"
Ted Robinson, Day Treatment Department, Pain Management and Orthopedic Outpatient Programs, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare/ Wasser Pain Management Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital
Marilyn Galonski, Care Coordinator, Wasser Pain Management Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital